Refund Policy

Refund Policy Of Nikli Mart

When a seller is unable to replace a defective item, we are available for a refund. If a replacement is available, the consumer is not eligible for a refund.

We Issue a Refund

  • If an item is sold out, the purchase price and shipping costs will be refunded to the customer.
  • If the support team learns that the vendor is unable to ship a replacement unit within seven business days even though they have plenty of stock on hand, they will treat the return as a request for a refund.
  • If, after placing and receiving an order, a client discovers that it is useless, we would gladly issue a refund. The customer should get in touch with us as soon as possible for this. When this occurs, our organization may not always guarantee a return. In this circumstance, only certain cases will be approved for a refund.
  • Manufacturers may provide a confirmed replacement guarantee on gadgets and clothing; the length of this warranty is typically determined by the manufacturer. We have no legal standing to challenge the manufacturer’s conditions. In the event that we get product complaints, we always advise customers to contact the manufacturer directly with the original product invoice..

The Method

Refunds follow the same procedure as Replacement requests. Customers can find more information about our return/replacement policy page. Firstly, the NikliMart panel requests a replacement of the flawed or incorrect item. Within seven business days, we will replace any defective product at no cost to you. If a replacement cannot be provided within the specified time frame, the client who purchased the product will be notified by one of our employees.

Our system takes ten to twelve business days to reimburse the amount together with any charges in the account that has been used to pay us for the merchandise after we have confirmed the refund with the customer. If the customer paid with cash, they can request a refund by sending an email or giving a phone call with their account information.

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