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Privacy Policy Of Nikli Mart

Disclaimer of Personal Information

To make purchases on Nikli Mart, customers must provide personal details. Customers can see exactly what data we want from them to perform our service on our site. Because we care about the privacy and security of our users, we employ the best data handling practices.

Device-Side Cookies

To get the most out of a visit to our site, we suggest installing our cookies. Our cookies collect information that is strictly limited to user preferences. We store this information to one day feature recommended offerings based on our customers’ preferences.
Cookies don’t access the device’s storage or track your surfing habits. As such, it provides data that is directly applicable to this website. If a user does not wish to have cookies installed on their computer, they can do so while our site is loading in their browser.

Intimate Data

Our collection of client data complies with all regulations set forth by the country’s ICT ministry, e-CAB, and other registered business and consumer organizations. The data we collect allows our panel to recognize a specific consumer and provide assistance when needed.
To keep our consumers up-to-date on all the latest NikliMart deals and information, we keep their phone numbers on file. In addition to advertising on Facebook and other social media, we also use email and other online channels to reach our audience. During a user’s search for and exploration of our site, we collect data such as their email addresses and potential contact methods.

Involvement of a Third Party

Your personal information and any recommendations you’ve made through NikliMart may be shared with our verified merchants and delivery partners. Since this site is primarily used as a means for vendors to connect with consumers, we ensure that they have access to all of the data they need to successfully conduct business here.
Our group collaborates with the delivery management by providing information such as the customer’s address, billing information, and phone number. To ensure that our customers receive their orders without any hitches, we must disclose information to the organizations and individuals officially involved in our operation. Any sensitive customer information must be protected from our business partners and colleagues.

Methods of Payments

For this reason, we don’t only accept payment in the form of cash upon delivery. Orders can be paid for with either mobile banking or cash by the recipient. We maintain the account number in case the customer pays with a mobile banking account. We never give out your account number or other personal details. It used to be that if a consumer needed a refund, we would issue one. In the future, the customer can use the number for any service.

Extra Resources & Online Locations

Visitors to our site may find external resource links on any page of our website. We provide our clients with connections to third-party sites, such as the seller’s website and social media accounts, as part of our services. When a user clicks on a link to another website, NikliMart is not responsible for the actions of those sites.


Our site continues to maintain the publicly accessible blog and comment areas. Among the many things our customers can share with us are their thoughts, opinions, product reviews, after-use experiences, and images. Those details may be used by Nikli Mart for marketing purposes, product descriptions, or similar purposes, and may be highlighted or shared on its websites and social media.

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