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For Buyers

Can I shop without opening an account?

Yes, you can. But it is better to open an account to get a better service.

What if my product comes faulty?

If we send you any damaged product, you can contact us for an exchange or money return. We will take the necessary actions to solve the matter.

Can I reject my order if needed?

Within 24 hours after you submit your order, a representative of the seller will contact you to confirm your order. That 24 hours is the right time for the cancellation.

How can I get a discount on my product?

We give discounts for many purposes. During festivals and events, you get to have discounts on almost every product. Some registered customers also get surprise discounts for staying with us. Besides, some of the products have discounts almost every week.

What is the method of payment?

Pay after delivery is the way you pay for your order. You can give us cash or use local mobile banking to complete the payment.

Do you respond to our comments and reviews?

We have a separate team that stays active 24/7 to give our customers every kind of support they need from us. So, it is sure to get replies to emails and reviews you give.

For Sellers

How many sellers have to pay for getting registered?

You can create an account for free in Nikli Mart. We don't charge even a single penny for registration.

Does the commission rate you charge vary depending on the product type?

No, it is fixed. The commission rate is 5% for every category.

Does it take too long to become a seller of Nikli Matt?

It depends on how quickly you submit your information to us and how fast our admin panel crosschecks your information for verification.

Are you active in social media?

Of course, we are. We do marketing of our products and features on Facebook, Instagram, and a lot more other sites.

Can consumers get to see my sell rate, income, etc.?

Only the account holder and Nikli Mart authority have access to see this information.

Can I sell various products with just one seller ID?

Yes, we give this opportunity to every seller. But the seller needs to make sure every product is uploaded in the right category.

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