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Return Policy Of Nikli Mart

It is possible that a client will not receive their order due to a technical issue with our service or a misunderstanding between the seller and the delivery support team. If we send the wrong item or something breaks during transit, it’s on us. We guarantee that all of our customers will receive the products they have ordered. We lay out Nikli Mart’s return and replacement policy so that there is no ambiguity about where we stand if a customer receives the wrong item.

In what ways is it possible to get your money back?

In such cases, customers have the option to request a replacement product from us.

  • This is a fake item.
  • Our website’s photos and descriptions misrepresented the product’s actual appearance and functionality.
  • The order did not come with the promised or required extras.;
  • The merchandise inside is either outdated or broken.

Criteria for Replacement

When we send the wrong item to a consumer, we must replace it immediately. However, if customers return damaged products while adhering to the standards we have specified, we will accept the claim and replace the item(s).
  • The consumer has no control over the product’s maintenance or the inclusion or removal of included components.
  • No replacements will be made for any freebies or bonuses that were included with the order.
  • Our warranty does not cover products that come with a replacement guarantee. It is recommended that customers get in touch with the company or the manufacturer.
  • Stickers, tags, and labels must all be intact when a product is returned.
  • Products returned by customers must be boxed and packaged in their original containers, along with the original Nikli Mart invoice and any other relevant paperwork.
  • We expect the incorrect item, or parts thereof, to be included in the returned box.

The Best Way to Give Us Information

Send us an email after receiving the product, detailing your issue and attaching the most recent photo you’ve taken of it. Please provide the invoice number and any other relevant information. Within 24 hours of receiving the package, you must send the accompanying mail containing the required documentation.
If you don’t hear back from us via email, please contact us at our main office. A representative from our customer service department will provide you with the correct mailing address for sending the defective product in for inspection.
If the store where you purchased the item is close by, you can return it without assistance. Alternatively, you might use a courier service. When your claim is validated, we will reimburse you for the shipping costs you incurred to return the item.
You have until seven days following the date of delivery to return the product to our office or the store where you purchased it. Once we get the merchandise in hand, we’ll look into your claim. If the replacement is warranted, it will be shipped out no later than seven business days after we receive the returned item.
Sometimes it’s not possible to meet the promised delivery date for a replacement damaged item. When you decide to accept our refund offer, we will do so. However, you are free to decline our offer and give us more time to provide the replacement or corrected product.
When there is no other option available to you, a refund is your sole remaining choice. See the link provided for further information regarding our refund policy.
If a customer contacts us after the deadline for returning a wrong item, and only if the item is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee, we will direct them to the manufacturer.
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